Episode 12: Consider the Kids in Divorce Part I

Your children should be at the center of your divorce decisions. Understand how to make the divorce process better for them.

Episode 11: Worst Mistakes in Divorce Part II

Are you making these common divorce mistakes?  Dawn and Carla tell all in this part two of the worst mistakes made in divorce and how to avoid being part of the problem.

Episode 10: Worst Mistakes in Divorce Part I

Are you making these common divorce mistakes?

Episode 7: How to Avoid a Grey Divorce

The fastest growing divorce population is in people over 50. Find out what you can do to avoid late in life divorce.

Episode 6: January, The Month for Divorce?

Believe it or not, divorce has seasons. Why is January the big month for divorce? Is it because no one wants to ruin the December holidays? Or maybe the New Year’s Resolutions? Explore with Dawn and Carla the psychology of timing in divorce, whether there are indeed “better” times to file, and how the trends skew. Examining the patterns, they give food for thought and advice to those considering the when of divorce.

Episode 5: How to Win a Custody Evaluation

When one spouse requests an evaluation of the other, it’s common for judges to order a “custody evaluation,” a detailed assessment of both parents. The appointed evaluator interviews children, parents, teachers, and anyone appropriate to provide a clear picture of the parental situation with the “best interest of the child” as top priority. Evaluations are more prevalent now than ever. How can you best handle the scrutiny of an evaluation in addition to the obvious pressures of surviving your divorce? Dawn and Carla take the mystery out of the process while providing do’s and don’ts to put your best self forward.

Episode 4: Why You Want to Stay Out of Divorce Court

The family courthouse is different than any other kind of law: in a word, it’s a gamble. Beyond the financial expense, it is impossible to assess the risk before you are past the point of no return. No matter the facts of your case, the given is precious little time in front of the judge (who, by the way, has seen it all) to explain your side. Dawn and Carla have seen it, too, and have specific suggestions on how to navigate your divorce outside the courthouse whenever possible. Marriage is a complex dynamic human endeavor—it takes more than twenty minutes per side to scratch the surface. Listen to the tips of the trade from the ladies who know family law the best, and keep the big picture in mind.

Episode 3: What to Expect in a Divorce Consult

The number one step in divorce is the divorce lawyer consult: as many potential clients have no idea what to expect, this meeting can come with unnecessary anxiety. While it is probably the client’s first consult, Dawn and Carla have led many: let their expertise be your guide. In this episode, they will cover all things initial consult: what to expect, what to bring, and what to be sure you don’t leave without, including answers to certain pertinent questions for any potential attorney you hire! Also on the docket this podcast: process options such as litigation, collaborative divorce or a hybrid approach, Texas law property division and the notion of 50/50, the truth about alimony, and the latest on child custody.