Collaborative Divorce: The Financial Analysis

In this episode of the Dallas Divorce Talk podcast, Carla Calabrese explains how the Collaborative Divorce team reviews financials with the financial professional.

Facing a Grey Divorce? Consider Collaborative Divorce.

In this Dallas Divorce Talk podcast, Carla Calabrese explores how Collaborative Divorce can change the course of your grey divorce.

How Does the Collaborative Process Work?

Collaborative Divorce allows you to retain control over the timing of the process and the ultimate outcome. Carla Calabrese shares in-depth details about the collaborative process in this Dallas Divorce Talk episode.

Extramarital Affairs Inside the Office

Many times, C-suite executives find themselves in an extramarital affair inside the office. In this Dallas Divorce Talk podcast, Carla Calabrese explains that if you find yourself in this situation Collaborative Divorce offers a more private solution for your divorce.

Will My Kids Be Okay After My Divorce?

A common worry parents have when considering divorce is, “Will my kids be okay?” Collaborative Divorce involves a team of professionals, including a child specialist, that puts a special focus on your kids’ wellbeing. Hear more in this Dallas Divorce Talk episode.

Why Business Owners Choose Collaborative Divorce.

Collaborative Divorce can be especially beneficial for business owners due to privacy and two other factors. Learn more about all three factors that should persuade business owners to use a collaborative divorce in this Dallas Divorce Talk podcast.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

If you’re considering a divorce, a collaborative approach might be best for your situation. In this Dallas Divorce Talk podcast, Carla Calabrese explains Collaborative Divorce and what it can do for you.

My Spouse Had An Affair – I Want Revenge.

A spouse who has been cheated on can often want to move towards a divorce fueled by revenge. As Carla Calabrese explains in this Dallas Divorce Talk episode, a Collaborative Divorce is a better option that will provide a better start for your new future.

Emotionally Intelligent Divorce®

Divorce is an emotionally charged process. That’s why it’s vitally important to have an attorney who understands Emotionally Intelligent Divorce® in your corner, focused on your interests.

DDT from the Couch, Episode 4: Collaborative Divorce During COVID-19

In the fourth episode, Dawn & Carla take you through the Collaborative Process, and provide recommendations on Neutrals you should reach out to for Zoom consults.